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Dec 9, 2010
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I saw the new non-official Nokia fix for the spinning cog issue on the front page of wpcentral.com. I have also seen a ton of "solutions" that sometimes work, sometimes don't. I thought I would share a solution that I discovered after much trial and error. I have reset numerous 900, 920, and 1020's, and so far this has bailed me out at least 6 times. I do think it will work for everyone. This has worked for all reset solutions I've tried: three button, settings->about, and even the new exclamation point that Nokia is recommending.

First, you reset your phone and, of course, up come the endless cogs. I usually let it sit, on the charger, for a few hours to see if one time a miracle will happen, and it will reset correctly on it's own. It never has. So here is what I have found the next step is, and it hasn't failed yet. A note first, I have always done this with the sim card removed. Whether that is required or not, I can't say. Anyways, with the phone still hooked to the charger, I do the three button reset. That is, hold the volume down/power/camera until the phone vibrates, then release the power button until the phone begins to boot up, then release all. I let it sit for about 90 minutes, then come back and check it. Still on the cogs? Do it again. After 3-5 attempts, you'll come back to the new phone screen. Like I said, I have now completed this at least 6 times, and it has worked every time, without fail. Does that mean it's THE solution? I'm not sure, but it worked for me, and others who have tried it on my suggestion.

Yes, I know there are other solutions listed on Nokia message boards, and on occasion those work. But for me, not every time. This solution has worked the last 6+ times I have used it; that is, every time. I have reset probably 20 Nokia Windows phones in the last 2+ years since the Lumia 900 came out, and this is the only solution that has worked every time I've tried it. It's not scientific, I have no knowledge of the inner workings of Nokia's boot software. It just came together after much frustration, trial, error, and success. Give it a shot!

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