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Stop OneDrive from bothering me with "storage almost full" notifications?


New member
Feb 5, 2018
My OneDrive is 70% full and it keeps bothering me about that with various pop-ups and notifications on the web, on desktop and on mobile. Is there a way to stop it? I know how full it is and the free storage is still enough to get me through for another couple of years. I've been using it since 2014 so it took me almost a decade to get to 70%.
Jun 9, 2021
There are various methods.

1. Stop notifications from OneDrive "Settings".
Just right click on OneDrive icon on taskbar and hit Settings and a window popup on left you find settings there you see notification section. Here you can set according to your need.

2. Disable OneDrive "Notifications".
Open search and write Notification & action settings and hit enter in the list find OneDrive and open its properties here you can set according to your wish.

3. Disable OneDrive at startup in "Task Manager".
Right click on windows icon and click task manager and window pops up here click on startup in the list find OneDrive and disable it.

4. Use OneDrive Web...
Use OneDrive Web in this way you can save your system resources also.

As far as I am concerned I personally I sign out of OneDrive and sign in when needed. Hoping your problem will be solved.