Store purchases not syncing to other Win10 devices (possible FIX)


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Aug 2, 2015
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I have 3 Win10 Insider devices - Desktop, 2in1 Ultrabook, and W10M phone.

issue: you purchase something, say music album, on the desktop or laptop. You want to download the same album on the phone. Phone and/or other devices does not sync license and you need to re-purchase the music album on the phone/device (or just manually copy it over). All 3 devices have been factory restored, no restore from backup. All updates done. Signed out of your MS Account for device logins, Store, Groove Music, on all devices, rebooted and signed back in. Removed (unlinked) devices online via your MS Account webpage and deleted backups. Same issue.

resolution: Hope may not be lost. I checked purchases on my MS Account online. One or more devices does not have the same list of purchased items listed. Same payment method and info. But there is some differences. I created an alias. Because when I created my MS Account, I used an existing email account with a domain that was not MS. I later created an alias email account with a MS domain. While the alias is tied to my main MS Account, Windows and all there services and apps will think they are two separate accounts. Sometimes, the apps are smart enough to just autopopulate my alias when I enter my main MS Account. Not so with the Store and Groove.

What you'll have to do is sign out of your MS Account from: Edge and all MS webpages (OneDrive, Live, Office,..etc), IE, Groove, Store, device user account login (meaning to log in using LOCAL user account login instead of MS Account connected login), Mail app, Movie&TV, everything MS related. Reboot and sign back in using only the same login in everything again. So if you have an alias, log into all MS relate stuff using the alias account's email. If you purchased all your stuff using your main MS Account, then sign in using only that account.

For several days, the thing I missed was needing to sign out of Edge stuff and sign back in using my alias email. Then my albums could be downloaded from the Store without having to pay again. The Store acknowledges that I've purchased them and can download without having to pay again. IMHO, it's **** poor design. Just signing out of Store and back in should resolve the issue, but nope. Edge's OneDrive online page needs to be signed out and back in.

I supposed it's stuff like this that gives Windows and MS a bad name.

TL;DR: Sign out, then sign into a single MS Account alias for all devices and apps and services, including Edge.

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