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Stuck from failed update Lumia 1520, what should I do?


New member
Feb 10, 2014
Stuck from failed update Lumia 1520

Im getting the reboot loop problem, the phone (when charging) boots up, shows nokia logo, shows windows logo, shows the gears spinning, after around ~30 seconds it turns off, and starts again. If i unplug the charger after the gears finish spinning it turns off and doesnt turn back on without me pressing the buttons..

What ive tried:

Soft reboot (Hold Power + Vol Down)
Hard reset (Nokia logo goes blinking, exclamation mark (!) doesnt show up.)
Waiting for battery to go dry and trying to attach charger
Used LSRT (Press device not found thingy, it searches for my device, but doesnt find anything, once it did, the Nokia logo on the phone became larger font and the program said are you sure etc, then it crashed showing error: 0x80131500, then the whole software crashed) (Also tried using different ports on my PC)

Im all out of ideas.


New member
Dec 6, 2012
Re: Stuck from failed update Lumia 1520

From an old thread, a few of us were having these issues during the 8.1 preview days. On the 1520, we'd experience battery drain to the point where the reboot loop would occur, and the heat from the update process didn't help any. Someone put the phone in the fridge during the update, others would use a fan on the hot corner of the phone. I personally just continuously blew on the phone while sitting around watching TV. It was a little silly looking, but it got my update to finish without the battery dying again. I hope this is the only thing you need to do for it to work. Good luck! And of course keep the phone on the charger.