Stuck on "Finish connecting to WiFi"


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Jan 23, 2016
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When trying to connect to my home WiFi I am instructed to "Go to browser", where I'm greeted with a Microsoft webpage (hxxp:// and a message up top, in a black bar, stating "Finish connecting to WiFi". A few loading circles/dots float from left to right at the top of the screen before disappearing and then nothing happens.

I can login into the website using mobile data, but once in I reach a page which no longer exists.
I am unable to "Finish connecting to WiFi".

Why would I be required to load a webpage to turn on home WiFi? I can understand doing so for hotspots, but not a personal home network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Phone: Lumia 930
Version: 1511
OS Build: 10.0.10586.29


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Jan 23, 2016
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Originally I thought it might be to do with an issue while upgrading, so I ran the recovery tool, didn't work, hard reset and it worked, until I left my home WiFi range and returned.

Finally what fixed it was, after browsing the blocked content log, white listing "" from my shields' web filtering.

Apparently some kind of data needs to be transmitted to Microsoft servers before a connection to any wifi network can be completed. I don't know why, as WP8.1 did not require such a step.

If anybody can offer an explanation, that would be wonderful :)

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[SUB]At first I tried the recovery tool, which reverted the phone back to 8.1, but when trying to go through the initial setup I was confronted with the same situation when trying to connect to my home WiFi (though this time without the "finish connecting to WiFi" message up top).

I, reluctantly, performed a hard reset, after which everything went smoothly/properly, phone connected to WiFi (that I had setup on 8.1) straight away, no website, nothing.



Not sure what changed other than leaving the range of my router (to go to work) and returning. I haven't added or removed anything, app wise, since my last post, but I can no longer connect to WiFi. I am confronted by the same issue as originally stated.

Well, it was good while it lasted.[/SUB]
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