Surface Book2 or New Pro or Lenovo Miix 510


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Jun 7, 2011
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*EDIT* hmm I think I screwed up on which subject to put it under and can't seem to find a way to move it...?

Been awhile since I last visited the forum, lots of changes here @@

Well, I had the first gen Surface that died a year or two ago (my own fault, dropped it...) and have a computer I built almost 10 years ago that is on it's last leg. Now that the Surface book 2 came out I'm contemplating on what to do. I was hoping someone can help me out

Book 2 looked interesting, I think it's around 1949 CAD for the cheapest version in Canada, but appears to no longer come with the Pen. It's a bit much for me and if I bought this, then it'd be my only computer for the next couple of years. so I thought about looking at other options like...

The New Pro, cheapest version comes in at 1049 CAD for the m3 model. I kind of dislike m3 so I looked at comparable spec again the book 2 which comes in at 1649 CAD without the keyboard, with keyboard it's 1848 CAD which is really within a stone throw's reach to the book 2 (if it had the pen then it'd be the same). then I decided to look a bit further

Miix510, same spec as above, but only at 1199CAD includes the keyboard. Though there is a few things I kind of loath, there is no Windows Hello, lower battery life at around 2:45 for video playback from reviews I've seen (3:40 something for the pro) and apparently the screen isn't that great (might be subjective?)

Does anyone have any opinions? I have not seen the Miix in person yet, not sure which store would have a demo unit, it'd be great if I can get some feedback from an owner. I guess I'm teeter tottering between getting the cheapest tablet I can get (that's not horrificly bad) + a new PC or getting a good enough 2-in-1 and be done with

one thing to consider is that I'd like it to be able to run mixed reality eventually (integrated gpu 620 is the minimum) whenever I get a chance to put my hands on a set

Any suggestion would be great, thanks
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