Surface Pro 3 Keyboard not working- HELP! How can I fix it?

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Surface Pro 3 Keyboard not working- HELP!!!!

My keyboard cover stopped working all of a sudden and I'm not sure why. I made sure the attachment point was cleaned and did all of the tips on the help page such as cleaning with alcohol and shutting down. The backlights of the keyboard still work, however the keys nor the touchpad do. I feel like it's locked or something but cannot find info. on that. Any help would be much appreciated.
Nov 27, 2016
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Re: Surface Pro 3 Keyboard not working- HELP!!!!

Maybe you locked it by accident.
Try hitting the "Fn" button plus "F9"

Well then, I am the only one here that bit the bullet without any fix for a dead type cover with my SFP3. Had to even buy a new type cover hearing to a microsoft engineer handling my case which did not work either. Even a reset to w8.1 did not help. No wonder these geniuses now want me to buy or exchange the surface itself for a new one.

I still believe it is a software issue and I dont have to buy a new surface for this. Any inputs are welcome.

Pippin G

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Dec 20, 2016
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I also feel like it is a type of scam... it just so happens that the type cover is not detected 1 month after the warranty is expired and they told me that it is a hardware problem. They wanted $400.00 to replace my surface pro 3... nah I purchased a Moko keyboard that looks just like the type cover. The only draw back is that it is connected through bluetooth but still better than paying for what is probably a refurbished computer...

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