Surface Pro 3 - Wall charger not working, car charger working fine

Josiah Salser

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Aug 20, 2017
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So, my problem recently is quite strange. My wall charger stopped working all together. It first started as an intermittent issue wherein the wall charger would sometimes not light up when connected to the Surface. After fiddling with it for a bit or changing the position the light would come back on. Eventually, it would not come on at all. I checked to make sure that the connections were clean and free of debris (which they were).

I thought is might be the charger itself had gone bad. So, I switched to my other wall charger - same problem. Defiantly, I decided to switch to my car charger, which worked like a charm. This led me to believe that both of wall chargers must've gone bad - right?

So, I bought a new wall charger and the exact same problem occurs. And, during this whole time the car charger works fine.

So far, I have tried:
1) Trying to change the order in which I plug in the charger (first plug in the surface side, then the wall side and vice versa)
2) Updating to the new Windows 10 Creators Update (during this update I did a completely clean install and wiped everything just to be sure)
3) Uninstalling battery in device manager and restarting
4) Installing updated drivers for SP3
5) Trying multiple places to plug in the wall charger (just to make sure it is not an electrical issue)
6) Using 3 different SP3 charging cables
7) Cleaning the pins on the connector and SP3
8) Changing the power orientation (charging cable facing both up and down)

Keep in mind that the light on all of the the wall chargers do not come on at all, as though it were not plugged in. The car charger, on the other hand is not a Microsoft charger and the light is always on, even when it is not plugged into the surface, so while I cannot compare that specific function against the two chargers, I do know that the surface charges fine on the car charger and not the wall chargers.

Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance for your help!