Surface Pro 4 keeps waking up from sleep mode by it self!!! How to stop it??! HELP!!!!


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Mar 5, 2017
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I have a Surface Pro 4 I5 Core/8 GB of RAM/256GB storage since late February last month but i have 1 MAJOR/BIG(and WEIRD/STUPID) problem for some bizzare reason my Surface Pro 4 keeps waking up from sleep mode by it self and it should NOT be happening!!!

I know this because i saw my Surface Pro 4 quite a few times waking up by it self for no reason and the battery that last time that i used it it was around 30% charge left but due to the problem that it keeps waking up by it self, the next time(the day after) that i used it, i had to charge the Surface Pro 4 because it had only around 6% charge left!!! :angry::angry:

It is has only started happening in the last week or so, This happens when i don't have the Type cover detached to the hybrid tablet, This is getting very very annoying!!! I have never had this WEIRD/STUPID problem on my old Acer Windows 8 tablet(which got updated to Windows 10)!!! :eck:

These STUPID problems like this(and the fan being on during sleep mode for no reason) that the Surface Pro 4 has for me at the moment makes me WISH that i got the Acer Switch Alpha 12 instead of a Surface Pro 4, The Surface Pro 4 should NOT have these STUPID problems!!! :angry:

Does anyone have this problem?? How to stop my Surface Pro 4 from keep waking up from sleep again?? or Do i have a virus?? I don't think so because the Avira Anti Virus has not found any viruses and don't have any programs open running??

I don't really want to shut down my Surface Pro 4 every time that i finished using it.....

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Feb 15, 2017
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Hey @ShaunAFC3 let's see if we can figure something out. So this only happens when the type cover is attached to the unit? If it's removed, everything is fine?

Sometimes I've seen this with Bluetooth devices causing it to wake.

Next time you see this happen open a command prompt and enter powercfg /lastwake

Hopefully that might show us what is waking the device.


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Jun 24, 2013
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The Surface Pro 4 is so fast to boot so I set my machine to shut down rather than sleep. It solved a lot of headaches, especially the machine waking up when it's in my backpack. Nothing worse than opening your backpack and finding the SP4 hot and near out of battery.

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