Surface Pro 4 very very laggy/slow after turning on from sleep mode while charging!!! HELP!!!! D:


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Mar 5, 2017
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Hi i have had this Surface Pro 4(i5 core/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage) for just over 1 year now.

And i keep getting this problem that my Surface Pro 4 becomes very very laggy/slow after turning on from sleep mode while it is charging the battery like it takes a a very very long opening and closing programs/games, and browsing the web and navigating around the OS and lots more. :(

That only way to stop it is that i have to restart the entire device every single time in order to get rid of the problem which it is definitely very very annoying and frustrating. D: D:

And the funny thing is that i stopped getting this stupid problem for a while before i installed the latest Windows Update that annoyingly got the problem back.

I have never ever had this problem on my old Acer Windows 8 tablet even after i updated the OS to Windows 10 no problems like this whatsoever!!

This is really really ridiculous that this stupid problems keeps coming back!!!! D: D:

I don't really know what to do to get rid of this problem.

As for charging the battery?? I am using the official Microsoft stock charger that came with it in the box with the Surface Pro 4.

So can anyone help me please on how to get rid of this stupid problem again for once and for all?? And have you had this problem on your Surface Pro 4??If yes then how did you get rid off it??
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Aug 2, 2015
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maybe try disabling bitlocker and anti-malware temporarily.

do a thorough disk cleanup. defrag.

there are also some SSD tune up tricks. Googe it.

if all else fails, back up and clean install. I just did it on a Surface Pro 4 m3. runs like a champ

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