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Surface Pro 4 - White Pressure Spots?


WPCentral Question

Hello everyone,
I just got a brand new Surface Pro 4. I have been very happy with it and been treating it like a baby. However, in the last couple of days or so, something strange appeared on the screen: a faint white spot that becomes more visible when the screen is darker, i.e. very visible when the background is black or dark blue. The faint white spot, that looks like a stain, is not visible when the screen is turned off, which excludes dirt or any physical element as the cause.
After some internet searching I came to the conclusion that this is probably a white pressure mark - which is strange since I haven't used the SP as a tablet for the past week or so. I would like to get confirmation on this (do the symptoms sound consistent with it?) and what can I do to solve it.
Here are some pictures I took, with a dark blue and the black backgrounds.
Thanks a lot in advance.