Surface Pro X vs Go 2


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Oct 2, 2013
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Based on what I’ve read on both these devices, It seems to me performance wise they may be similar (with the Go 2 maxed on specs). I would love for Daniel to do a comparison between the two of them.

The reason I’m asking is my trustee Surface 4 is showing sign of ageing and likely will need to be replaced in the near future. It does everything I want, so as far as performance I do not need a ‘boost’.

I use my Surface as a remote worker, doing translation work and customer support work. My workstation consists of a Surface Dock (every port is used), 2 large monitors. I usually have 2 or 3 browsers open with about 10-12 tabs between them all. Also, opened Word, Excel, Slack. No gaming and little media consumption. 90% work. I use my pen quite a bit

As I said Surface 4 does just fine.

I would likely buy LTE version from either of them. I also buy devices with the intent to have them last at least 3 years. That is why I want a device with no moving parts (HD, Fans).

Most of the apps I use are in the MS store.

If both the Go 2 and Pro X were similar in performance this is what I like from either of them:

Go 2
• Small form factor
• Price!!!
• Headphone Jack
• Micro SD
• Already have pen/dock

Pro X
• Size (yes, contradicting myself)
• Battery life
• Upgradeable SSD

Am I missing anything between these 2? Since I doubt few people have had the opportunity to test these 2 devices, I thought I would ask the man himself!

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