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Surface RT display vs Surface 2 display


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Sep 16, 2012
I was over at Displaymate and they had a review of Surface 2 vs Nokia 2520 and I pulled this paragraph from it:
Overview of the Surface 2
The Surface 2 is Microsoft?s second generation Windows Tablet. The new high resolution 1920x1080 Full HD display delivers sharp text and graphics, particularly with Microsoft?s ClearType Sub-Pixel Rendering, which provides enhanced sharpness for black and white text and graphics. This is especially important for the core suite of Microsoft Office applications. Unfortunately, that?s about it for improvements in the Surface 2 display. In fact, many of primary display specs are now 5 to 10 percent worse than the first generation2012 Surface RT that we tested, including Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light, Specular Reflectance, and White Point. The Color Gamut has improved from 57 to 63 percent. But shockingly, aside from the increased resolution, the display remains comparable to the 2? year old iPad 2 instead of the latest generation of Full Size Apple and Android Tablets that we recently tested. In fact, the Surface 2 display performs almost exactly like a larger version of the recently introduced iPad mini Retina Display that we recently cited for exactly the same outdated display. More on these issues below.

So except for resolution they liked the RT screen over the Surface 2. The whole article is here: Windows Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out

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