SurfaceBook 2 sits too flat on the table


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Dec 21, 2018
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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum. I have a 2017 Macbook Pro which I love but I also needed a dedicated Windows machine. I went to the Microsoft store yesterday in San Francisco and picked up a SurfaceBook 2. While it's "okay" I can't say it's on the level of my MacBook Pro, it's also very heavy, but the SurfaceBook will be used as my second machine when I need it. A few things I can't stand is how hard it is to pick up from the table. It sits 100% flat so it's hard to pick up.

What I like about my MacBook Pro is the sides are flared up so it's easy for fingers to pick it up. Also while I did notice the screen was wobbly in the store, after using it at home the screen wobbles way too much. Very annoying. It's also annoying that the headphone jack is on the top so my headphones wires keep in the way of the screen.

Lastly the backlit keyboard (I couldn't check it out in the store because the store was so brightly lit) is very hard to see when it lights up. I have to be in near total darkness to see each key. The grey keyboard and white lights are a horrible combination. WTH was Microsoft thinking? Very stupid!

I'm thinking about returning it and getting a Dell, or just install Windows on my MacBook Pro, which I did not want to do. How are you guys dealing with these annoying issues?


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Aug 5, 2013
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If you grab it by the hinge, it is easy to pick up. As for the weight. You do realize that the Surface Book 2 is NOT a laptop right? It is a hybrid and there are two batteries in it. One in the base, and one in the tablet (the screen). If you are having issues, and need a LAPTOP, then exchange it for the Surface Laptop.

My wife has one and she loves it. It is light weight and has good battery life.

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