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Switch off my mobile on a daily basis?

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MS apparently wants the 8.1 phones to be "on" continuously because even when charging it must be "on".
Any advice as to whether it is recommended to shut off the mobile at least once a day - so all accumulated unnecessary data will be deleted?
Or does it not matter? Meaning: Does daily shut off provides better, same or worse performance, aka durability?
Thanks :)


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Nah, its more of a quirk. HTC added a feature to the 8X allowing it to be off when charging.

It's good to restart something every once in a while. It could be as infrequent as until-it-starts-feeling-twitchy to daily. Keeping it off isn't really needed, but I restart my phone every couple days. It could probably go longer though.

Durability will not be affected as we are talking about something that is exclusively software. Things might act odd, but probably won't be a concern as long as you restart the phone once in a while.