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Long story, abridged version: I need to move photos from the MS Cloud to a Nokia Windows phone. I just switched phones (old phone to new phone) and have a good number of photos that were placed up on the cloud from my previous phone. Still with me? So, now that I have the new phone, and it's "Photo" section is empty (obviously) I would like to transfer those photos sitting up on the cloud, down to my new phone for viewing. I know I can do this; have done it before, but for some reason, unable to now. I was able to very successfully grab down contacts and texts from the cloud, but for some silly reason, can not grab photos on down. Anybody have any advice? Thanks!


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Nov 13, 2013
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I am not sure I follow this entirely (sorry) but can you log into the cloud account, download the photos to a computer, connect the phone and copy them to the device that way?


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Jan 6, 2014
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If you set it up properly and the phone is logged into your Microsoft Account, the Photos app should see all of the photos in the cloud (we are talking about Microsoft Account, OneDrive, right?), you don't need to download them.

If you do download them manually and copy them back to the phone, you're likely to get duplicates as it sees them all as new and uploads them again.

One thing you didn't say is what was the old phone? Was it running Windows also, or is it something else that you configured to save to OneDrive?


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Aug 30, 2016
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Another long story. It is a Lumia 1520 that was running 8.1...then I upgraded to 10...WHICH I HATED...then found out I could not retrograde back to 8.1 on the same phone. So, I bought a used 1520 from eBay that was still running 8.1. From there, I am now trying to re-build my phone to where I had it before. All contacts, texts, settings downloaded once I signed into the MS/One Drive Cloud, BUT pictures would not come back down to the phone. I waited for two days; no tamale. So now, I am just going the route of a manual transfer with the SD card...from one phone to another. Any other suggestion would be great, but I have tried everything.

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