Syncing bug after prolonged periods of airplane mode


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Nov 13, 2012
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I decided to get back to my original Band recently, and to maximize battery life I removed all other tiles and functions except Run and Sleep (what I really care about), and kept the Band in Airplane Mode all the time except when I need to manually sync to the app once or twice during the day. (By the way, this doubled the battery life while the Band continued monitoring my steps and heart rate as usual through the day and the few runs I do during the week ? I can keep it for days without charging).

Anyway, when I sync I noticed the app doesn?t pull all the data the first time, and I almost always need to sync several times to ensure all data are pulled completely, otherwise and once that day is over I would get a discrepancy in number of steps between the Day view and all other views (Week, Month, Last 7 Days, Last 7 Weeks) . In the Day view it shows the correct number of steps I had on that day, while in all other views the bar would show a smaller number.

I am using the Microsoft Band app on Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 1520.

I contacted Microsoft support and they escalated the problem to their engineers, although I don?t know if they can fix it. There is no way I can update numbers in the dashboard myself, and only Microsoft can update their algorithms to calculate and display their numbers correctly.

I hope sharing this info is helpful to anyone still using the original Band. Not sure if the Band 2 has the same issue.

Side note:
I read somewhere the Band 2 can store a month worth of un-synched data, assuming 2 ? 3 GPS runs per week. The Band 2 has 512 MB of flash storage, while the original Band has 64 MB only. This would make the original Band store un-synched data for about 3 and half days only.

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