Taking delivery of my black 830 tomorrow

Dennis LOH

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Apr 15, 2014
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Just want to share my experience of using various Lumia's phones over the past year. I have a 1020, 1520, 630 dual sim, 930 & very soon a 830. 630 is the worse of the lot as is slow & laggy. I shall not discuss much about this low-mid range model.
The 1020 which I'm still keeping is because of the camera. I have no complains about this model except that yes it can be a bit laggy due to its dual core possessor. Don't complain much about the slow camera except when photo is snapped & it does take a while to save. Battery life could have been better & lack of SD card support. Ain't gonna sell this phone for sure & I have regretted selling my 808.
The 1520 is the best of the lot. It has everything I have ever wanted In a phone except the size & the weight. Well, after all is a "Phablet." Sold it after using it for 3 weeks or so because of the size & weight. If they had made it in 5"-5.5" screen that would be perfect.
Now I'm using a 930 as I can live with the size which IMHO 5" screen is the sweet spot. Battery life is no better than the 1020. I have already updated to the latest software version. It does get "hot" when I played with the camera. I don't play heavy graphic games in Window phones as their selection does not leave much to be desired. Is a bit on the thick side in these days & age.I have ordered the 830 as IMHO is the best Lumia phone to get now as it is. It may not be the top range flagship Lumia phone & god knows when that it will appear. So for the time being I have to make do with the 830 & it supports SD card which is important to me as I download lots of video clip from YouTube for offline viewing. I shall give my user experience again when I get the phone tomorrow.
What I like about Lumia phones are the Black Clear Display, easy to read with good contrast, above average camera & very light & efficient OS unlike Android.
Future top range Lumia phones from Microsoft? Well I think their marketing priority is to capture more market share with its low-mid range models. Rumour has it that it will be launching a 1525 with more powerful innards soon possibly before the festive season. I don't see any 1020 replacement coming until next year earliest. Cheers mate!

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