Telus say I cannot buy any apps, from Microsoft Store, on prepaid


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Jul 20, 2013
OK, so I wanted to buy an app, from the Store. Went into Wallet and set up a credit card. What! it does not show up in my wallet. I go to and there it is.

The only option showing, on my phone, when I try to purchase is charge to Telus Account.

I go to Microsoft and they say Telus is blocking the credit card from being used (!!!???!!!). I need to contact Telus. OK, I will.

In the mean time, I figure I will buy this using my Telus account. I go in and pick it out. I hit buy and it comes back and says you are not set up to charge to your Telus account!!!!!

I contact Telus. No, you cannot use a credit card :angry::angry::angry::angry: OK, then what about charging to my Telus account? Nope, you are on prepaid :shocked::shocked::shocked:

Quote: "No one subscribing to Prepaid service can purchase apps from the Windows Phone Store. I am not aware if restrictions apply to iPhone or BlackBerry" So, how do they do it??????

You are kidding, right? Now, Telus sells my phone (520) as prepaid only, so I had to pay full pop. If I were able to buy it on a plan, at least, I would have got a discount.

OK, so now I'm pretty pissed, not at the rep, he's just doing his job. So, I say "how do I get my phone unlocked?". And, just to **** me off more I get this reply:

"The unlock code is not available for purchase on Prepaid phones. You can search the Internet for third parties offering save unlocking services or consult with a retail store selling wireless products and they may be aware of third parties in your area".

So, after I have vented, I have two questions:

1. anyone out there, on a Telus prepaid, that has been able to buy apps?

2. is there a way to download the apps via the web and install?

I'd love to dump these turkeys, but I have too much money built up, on account, and don't want to lose it.


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Jul 20, 2013
As indicated, went there and, as I had said, the credit card was there. So, to be sure, I removed it, than recreated it, but it still did not appear on my phone. So, I decided to try PayPal. Added my PayPal account and voila! it appeared on the phone. Was able to buy the app.

So, the gist of it is that, somehow, credit cards (at least Amex) do not work, but, fortunately, PayPal does. Should have tried that, but, when Telus told me that I, simply, could not buy apps, I did not.


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