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Text message backup and restore problems on CU


New member
Oct 9, 2012
I'm currently switching my Lumia 830 to a Lumia 650, as the Lumia 830 is having major battery problems. Both phones are on 15063.251.

Unfortunately texts aren't being restored properly to the new phone. It has only restored 4 of my most recent conversations (although texts dating back to 2013 have been restored, but only for those 4 people).

The restore seems to have stalled for some reason, as it has been like this for over 24-hours. I've tried transferring them using the 'Transfer my data' tool, but that weirdly only finds 357 texts out of thousands, and it seems that it's the exact same texts that are restored from the cloud... Also 'Contacts+Message Backup' doesn't appear to work correctly in the creators update, it just gets stuck loading constantly.

So I'm stuck. Is there anything I can do to backup and restore my older messages?

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