The Google Pixel Fold has ruined my love for the Surface Duo — and it's all Microsoft's fault


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May 9, 2012
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It depends by how people would use it; personally I used the Duo in the open position 30% of the time, 70% folded 360 degrees using one screen. Again just my personal preferences but the Fold is a no go for me because there is no pen support.

I really like that breakdown, and a concise way to determine if a Fold would be good. I use mine open in one of two postures probably 60% of the time, in tent mode about 30% of the time (either wrapped around my hand for gaming or sitting on my desk), and folded all the way open in portrait mode for the remaining 10% of the time.

Within the 60% of the time it's open, that breaks out as follows: Different apps on each screen about 75% of that time (true book mode), 1 app with the keyboard on the other screen like a laptop (so each screen is landscaped) about 15% of the time, usually in OneNote or Word, and with a single app spanned (usually Outlook, sometimes OneNote or the Kindle ebook app) about 10% of the time.


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Aug 4, 2016
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Yesterday, Google unveiled the Pixel Fold after months of leaks and rumors. The device resembles that of a foldable Surface Duo, with a short but wide aspect ratio in an incredibly thin chassis. In a word, it’s gorgeous, and is the exact kind of foldable I was hoping Microsoft would deliver with the Surface Duo 3.

The Google Pixel Fold has ruined my love for the Surface Duo — and it's all Microsoft's fault : Read more
"And that’s Microsoft’s ultimate downfall in this space; a lack of consistency and stability. It’s a hardware maker that can’t be trusted to keep things updated, and the more Microsoft fumbles this, the harder it’s going to be for them to return to the phone market once more."

Oddly enough, I feel the exact same way about Google and their numerous cancelled tablet products. So much potential yet so little effort in making the devices a great user experience due to underinvestment in optimizing the OS and apps for that form factor... I'm not sure that I will ever buy a Google tablet ever again. Hurt me once, shame on you; hurt me twice, shame on me.

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