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The importance of a fun and chatty Cortana


New member
Dec 30, 2010
So, I was playing with my phone and noticed that I received a lot of enjoyment from when Cortanta gave fun answers to questions. They weren't things that were particularly useful, but it still added a lot of value in my opinion.

I'm guessing that many of you feel that same.

Of course we would like a digital assistant that will help us in day to day tasks. That's a given. Cortana's ability to do people and location based reminders makes her extra awesome in that regard.

However... I didn't start feeling "comfortable" with using Cortana until after I used her for a while for entertainment purposes. I guess it's kind of like getting to know your assistant. Once you kind of know them, you feel more comfortable that they will try to get to know you.

Because of this, I think that MS should invest a significant amount of time and money in getting Cortana to have many contextual answers to non-useful questions. Questions that mainly probe about who or what she is. What she is there to do. Her opinion about things. Etc...

I don't mean a hundred different questions she could respond to. I mean like thousands. And I'd like it if it didn't have to be phrased in an exact way.

I should be able to ask her what her, "What is your favorite video game console?" instead of having to say, "Which do you like better, XBOX or PS4?"

Why? Because I believe that in order for Cortana to really end up being used a lot by many people, they have to feel comfortable with her first. They have to "like" her.

Sounds weird, right?

Daniel Ratcliffe

New member
Dec 5, 2011
Aye. I never really used Google Now aside to look at the cards, but I find myself Cortana'ing a LOT. I just love using her.

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