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The latest Windows Nokia Lumia update (I assume the windows 10 update) broke my phone, how can I fix it?

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Latest windows nokia lumia update (I assume the windows 10 update) Broke my phone

I spent almost an hour updating my phone, it resets and the only thing it shows me is my internet symbols, battery, back arrow, home button, and search button. The rest of the screen is black, no apps no wallpaper. my lock screen wont even work. tried to factory reset and that didnt even work, and whats worse is windows mobile support is for some reason closed on weekends, any ideas, at, all?

Teo Bartulovic

New member
Mar 2, 2015
Which model? What instance of OS you were running before update? Do U have installed insider app? Are U on slow or fast ring?

However you should Install WPRT and rollback to 8.1?