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The most obvious thing . . . it won't do!


New member
Feb 22, 2013
I really hate Apple. I don't like their attitude, I don't like their marketing (although it is the best the world's ever seen and the only reason they're #1).

I was given an iPhone 3gs. Was hesitant to use and the more I used it the more I hated Apple.

However, with my job I have sites that I must vist each week. I have to call these sites before I arrive. A new list is sent to me in an xls file. With iPhone I was able to use a DOC app to move these files to my phone. Then I could pull up the list and all the phone numbers were hyperlinked so that all I had to do was tap the number to call the site. Sweet and simple.

One day (did I say I hate Apple?) I came upon a Nokia Lumia 900. Yeah! Windows Phone 7. Now, I will have the best of both the phone and software world.


The one thing that I would think would be the most obvious thing for a windows phone to do is to utilize it's built-in windows software (Microsoft Office) to call or email from a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. But, NOOOOOO! That, apparently would make too much sense! As far as I can tell it can't be done. I've searched everywhere I could find, and no one seems to be able to tell me how to do it.

The phone is built to make calls . . . . the phone has built-in document software . . . . the phone won't call (or email) from a document ?????? Does that make sense to anyone? Not me.

I have found that the WP7 (Nokia Lumia 900) is a MUCH better phone. Better reception, I can hear better and others say they hear me clearer than on the iPhone. But, it is not a very good tool. I really hate to give it up. But, trying to look at a printed sheet to get phone numbers, then dial the number while going down the road will soon kill me or someone else. And, I can't always take my notebook of lists with me into each site.

iPhone (3gs) is a terrible phone. Poor reception, hard to hear and not clear for others, but it is a better tool.

Looks like I'm going to have to suck-it-up and go back to the iPhone. (boy, I hate Apple!)


Retired Moderator
Sep 18, 2012
I can't call from word or excel documents. But I can copy phone numbers, then paste them in the dialer and call. Not what you wanted but it does beat looking at a printed sheet and dialing.


New member
Jan 10, 2013
A workaround that might help you...

From a desktop or laptop computer copy the cells from Excel, paste them into an email, and send the email to yourself. You can reference the data in the email from your phone and the numbers should be recognized as phone numbers if they are in a common format.

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