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Jul 26, 2012
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Hi all, new to the forums, and I have a question that you all may be able to answer. My wife recent got a Samsung Focus 2 (4th of July), and she loves it. About a week ago, she dropped it flat on it's back, from waist high (with a case on, not a super protective case, but a case). The LCD cracked. Not the glass, nothing on the phone, just the stupid LCD; everything on the phone worked... you just couldn't see anything. Worst part is, this was the first time she dropped the phone since we got it.

We are getting it replaced (with another Focus 2, since she likes it), but that leads to my question: anyone know of a really good case for the Focus 2? I'd like to get something protective enough to possibly not have this happen again. In my search, I have seen there are cases, but nothing that seems to be like an otterbox or anything of that sort. Maybe my luck is just run out in these searches, so I figured I'd ask some fellow users if they knew of anything.

Any help you can provide would be awesome. I just really want to make sure that her phone doesn't have this happen again. She loves WP7 so much compared to iOS and Android. She's having to make due with my old iPhone till her new phone gets here, and I can tell you, she's not the happiest camper about that. =\


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Jul 4, 2011
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And here in lies the rub of owning a WP....

It is HARD to find good accesories if your first name is not Nokia, last name 900. As a Focus S owner, I can tell you the lack of a good OtterBox or Sedio case is really a concern of mine as I work in an industrial enviorment. I have decent cases, but nothing like what top Androids or the iPhone have.

I will say on Amazon, there are a few hard plastic style for the Focus 2 which seem fine for pure "drop" protection. While I am not a fan of silicon shells, they are also easy to get and absorb impact decently. There is also a hybrid from Incipio corporation that seems to be a very solid case and seems to be well reviewed. Just be sure your selection is for the i-667, as opposed to the i-677 which is the Focus Flash or the i-917 which is the original Focus. They all end up on the same search just due to similarities.

I am not sure what is the best option for you and your wife, but they fall into the better than nothing catagory.... samsung focus s: Cell Phones & Accessories

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