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The Times and Sunday Times Newspaper App (UK) Windows 10


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Nov 12, 2012
For those in the UK who like to read a newspaper in the morning we are rather short of apps to read them on Windows.

Personally I do enjoy the Times on my commute into work and its the only real thing I use on my Shield tablet that I can't get on Windows. Now that there are finally some decent high end 8" Windows tablets coming out (I have my eye on the HP Pro Tablet 608) then I can't justify two 8" tablets in my bag and I'm not overly fond of Android despite the Shield being pretty good at keeping it clean.

Just contacted the Times, pointing out the increase in convertible Windows tablets and 2 in 1 tablets in particular in the workplace (a pretty core target market for a traditional digital paper in my view); and the benefit of Windows 10 universal apps.

Sadly they say there are no current Windows plans (they killed the old and very basic phone app a couple of years ago) but that they will forward my request to see if there is enough demand.

So...anyone UK based who might like to have the option of a newspaper without having to have an ipad or android (natively as well) then can they mail help@timesplus.co.uk and request :smile:.

I'm not sure if this could even be an opportunity for them to just port using Astoria or Islandwood? Edit: Though I think this just applies to phone apps for now so wouldn't be of use for the tablet app onto a tablet?

And no, I can't just read it on the web. Has anyone tried to stay connected on a commute into London :amaze:?

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