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Apr 20, 2014
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As I may have mentioned today is my wife's birthday so last night I got her a music pass and started setting up.

I decided as she had so little local music it would be easier and less confusing for her if we started from scratch so firstly I deleted her local music off each device, I then put a new SD card in her 520 to match the size of the one in her Surface 2.

I had already made the new folder on the SD card on the Surface that would be the new home for music on that device (More on this in a bit).

So me and my lad had the phone, the laptop, surface and Xbox one (Signed in as wife) in front of us and began, the sign up process was completed in a few seconds, so we started by picking an album and added to collection.

I have had such a seem-less problem free life with Xbox Music on my devices, how could it be going so wrong on my wife's account, it was taking forever and most of the albums wouldn't work or download correctly, after 6 albums I noticed a trend, the phone and Xbox were fine but the laptop and Surface were where the problems were.

So I looked for the files on the SD card, nothing, after a bit of searching I found the problem.

On the Surface as mentioned I had told the system that music should be D/Music but it was taking other places first so it was actually sending the music to Laptop/C/Users/Music, in other words both the laptop and Surface were trying to occupy the same space and causing both the devices to crawl.

So I deleted the other folders as music storage places and deleted the albums off all the devices and started again.

This time it all worked fine, the download speed is a bit slower compared to my setup as the SD card in the Surface 2 is much slower than the SSD main card on my Surface Pro and the same on the 520 compared to my 1520, but she is happy after a brief demo and her choosing the next few albums for her collection and she is now happily ironing my work shirts whilst listening to what she wants :smile:

And she also liked the carved wooded rabbit (Animal) I got her as well.

It does show to me that Xbox Music is a really great system, but only if you take the trouble to understand how it works and don't get frustrated and give up if you run into problems but take the time to think and work it through.

And my lad surprised me after months of saying he isn't interested, but this morning said to his mum "I am signing up as well when I get my new phone". He is getting an 830 to replace his HTC running 7.8.


PS The wife was impressed with the way it syncs with the Xbox One so I think I can get away with getting her one for Xmas (Can't say I will be unhappy with having and Xbox One in the bedroom).
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Jan 14, 2011
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I have learned to keep my music in OneDrive. Stuff that xbm doesn't have, or that I have DRM free. I added the OneDrive music location to where xbm looks for music. That way, on surface and pcs the music is always available in my collection. On phone its not, but I just download what I want on the phone.

The big thing I had to learn was to use the playlists and not rely on my own music. Just

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Jan 24, 2013
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I'm still a Zune Man on my PC and Surface Pro 2, so I certainly couldn't have helped. My RT is the only device I have that is cloud-connected and I've never understood the exact composition of that collection, although I know it's missing some PC Music Pass downloads, and it includes long-ago-PC-deleted Music Pass downloads.

Happy birthday, indeed, to the lucky lady!

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