[THEME] [1/12/08] Moon Over MobileMatt TF3D Skin v0.1Beta


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Dec 22, 2008
Thanks to those that have supported MobileMatt...
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v0.1Beta Release

**Disclaimer: I can not guarantee that this theme will work on all devices and run bug free. This theme may react differently from device to device and ROM to ROM.

** If you wish to have the black bars, use the HTC Black.tsk which can be downloaded HERE...

Credit and thanks goes to herg62123 as I'm using his STOCK HTC Fuze Flip Clock as a base for this skin...

** NOTE ** This skin will accept any wallpaper for your background and will show on all tabs. The CAB file will install the matching Moon Over MobileMatt wallpaper in the following location on your device; \My Documents\MoonOverMobileMatt. Select this for desired look!

TF3D Skin Install Instructions:

* Download ZIP file
* Extract CAB file
* Copy CAB File to device
* Disable TF3D in Settings - Start > Settings > Today > Items
* Install CAB file to device (do not instal to storage card)
* Re-enable TF3D
* Go to TF3D Setting tab
* Tap wallpaper
* Select wallpaper from device (CAB file will install intended wallpaper)
* Skin will accept any wallpaper and show in every tab
* Enjoy your new skin


** Tab Order:

1. Home Tab
2. People Tab
3. Call History tab
4. Messages Tab
5. Mail Tab
6. Calendar Tab
7. Internet Tab
8. Photos and Videos Tab
9. Music Tab
10. Weather Tab
11. Settings Tab
12. Programs Tab
13. Profile Tab
14. Communications Tab

** v0.1Beta Reported Issues:

  • After installing the theme, the weather stops showing up on s2u2
  • VZ Landscape is not included in this theme as it is not as stable as it can be
I have tested this out using NATF's v4.1 ROM, all tabs are working.

** Changelog v0.1Beta >
  • First release

Matching Welcomehead can also be downloaded at the MobileMatt website


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