Things to be learned from Windows Mobile & Things to be learned from the other guys

Mar 9, 2016
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As a programmer myself, when creating the ideal OS for phones here's some things that I think Google and Apple could learn and implement in their OS from Windows Phone. Note that these are related to the OS only (not marketing techniques or hardware):

1. Continuum-like interface for scaling phones to larger screens. For instance, my 6.4-inch Android phone could benefit from something like that for presentations/etc.

2. An update service that bypasses carrier release wait times (Google especially).

3. If you think that Cortana gathers too much information about you, try Google Now and come crawling back to Cortana. xD

4. The Live Tile interface. No other interface that I've used seems superior to that, even with all the Android launchers in the world.

Here are things that Microsoft could learn from Google and Apple's OSes.

1. Interface customization: Android has the ability to offer more than one home screen in which 2 different sets of icons exist. Microsoft could improve on this and create virtual "mobile desktops."

2. Antivirus. Now this isn't a jab at Microsoft itself, but it still needs to be taken into consideration. Some people may say, "This OS doesn't need antivirus." However, if an OS exists, someone is making exploits for it. Now there may not be as many exploits as other OSes, but one exploit is enough to ruin your day.

3. Launchers. This is contrary to my previous point about live tiles. Android has many launchers, one for almost any taste (except people who want live tiles). For people who don't want live tiles, please allow an icons view Microsoft (just like File Explorer).

4. All notifications on the Lock Screen. This is one of the features of Android that I actually enjoy. You can see them, you can scroll them, you can clear them without unlocking your phone. And if you don't want them on your lock screen, you can set them as private. This would be a nice feature to have in Windows Mobile.

5. Lock Screen Security. Speaking of the lock screen, Android allows you to set a pattern for a lock password. Where is that feature in Windows Mobile?

6. Overall fluidity. This is one of the reasons I never went back to Windows Mobile. After using Android for a while, I went back to my Lumia 640 with Windows 10 Mobile 10586 (yes, that was a while ago). It was like I was using a choppy-animated OS.

So, combine the positives and erase the negatives and you've got yourself an ideal OS (one that doesn't exist), but I digress. The best part of programming is to learn how to do the same thing in a different way from someone else. It gives insight into how you can improve your techniques, and for building OSes, that is a really important thing to keep in mind.

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