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Sep 6, 2014
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I come from the land of I have a BlackBerry Z30 & for awhile I've been thinking of trying to switch to a Nokia Icon. The screen is gorgeous. I like some of the features like the Nokia Mix Radio. Any former BlackBerry addicts on here that can offer me some advice based on your experience?


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Jun 25, 2015
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I just switched and I'm here looking for former BB folks to help answer some questions. I had the Z10 and it was my favourite device. I had it since launch day in 2013 so it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. I struggled with the decision but landed with the Nokia 830 for 0 dollars with Rogers. I figure - it's free, I have nothing to lose! I've only had it three days and so far this is what I love:
- start screen with customizable tiles (I already have Windows/Surface tab, etc) so I'm used to it
- OneDrive gives me access to everything on my PC or Surface on my phone (bonus points)
- If you used the swipe/flick on a Z10 or Z30 you will appreciate the "wordflow" typing method. That was the #1 consideration for me when switching because I LOVED the keyboard on my Z10. This is excellent too!
-screen size and quality
-outlook calendar/microsoft office all funtion nicely
-music mix is cool
-I am going to attempt to use Cortana to be more productive. The few tests I tried were excellent. The voice commands on BB were awful.
-Driving Mode - sends an automatic (customizable) reply to any incoming texts stating that I'm driving and will reply shortly. (driving mode starts as soon as my phone pairs when I start the car). Excellent feature!
-I plan to start using OneNote across my devices.

What I still need to figure out and/or might miss from Blackberry:
-bedside mode was one tap on the BB and I used it daily. I'm experimenting with quiet mode now.
-Native task (to-do) manager isn't here. I think I'm supposed to be using outlook or onenote but I'm not loving that yet so I installed Wunderlist. So far it's nice.
-There aren't as many ways to customize the view of your calendar (ie. font size etc)
-BB had stopwatch and timers built into the clock/alarms. I will miss that but I'll find an app.

So far, I don't regret the switch. When it was clear I needed a new phone unfortunately BB just didn't have anything compelling enough. The new "leap" was just a side step to the Z10 and I don't want to give up screen size for a keyboard on the passport.

Best of luck. If I don't find one I'm going to start a former BB user thread :)
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