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This could resolve the Lag on your Start Screen.


New member
Mar 31, 2014
okey. after updating my lumia 920 with the GDR1 update I was excited to try the live folders (which I really adore). however...

I noticed Lag... It was not just a subtle and forgettable Lag. It kinda upset me since I really want to use the live folders.

So here are some tips that lessen or resolve the Stuttering of MY start screen.

1. Instead of using a background image, you can use the accent color(which I know you won't since it is not cool and boring. lol) It would really resolve the stuttering issue..

...... OR. try this. ⚠

2. since I don't want to follow the first tip I then tried to remove all my starts screen shortcuts/live tiles...

rearrange, added live folder and etc.
voila.. Lag free!

again.. it might work or not for your phone, just try it.

If it wont work Im sorry. I just want to share what I have tried and what worked for my unit.


Dec 10, 2013
The lag disappeared on my 520 after the Cyan update. The firmware really made the difference.


New member
May 12, 2014
Yes! I had posted a question about the same this morning! I still get that lag! As mentioned above if cyan could fix this issue its fine. No sign of cyan in india YET! Let me try those two tricks u had mentioned