This is getting ridiculous! Betting ads in UK

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Jun 9, 2015
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So, here I am. I've just watched Arsenal on Sky. Every ad break contained at least two betting ads. The bit where players shake hands before the game is now a 15 second betting ad break. Half time, ads, full time, same again. Turn over to watch something on Discovery, at least 1 add in 2 of the 3 breaks, and now the late programming is all sponsored by another betting company.

What's really troubling is that almost all these ads include a ?10 free bet etc. Some up to ?40. It's when try to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen. I've got a 50" Samsung and it is almost ineligible! Some of these sites require that the stake is wagered 100 times. I realise that you don't have to wager it to withdraw it, you can walk away.

For someone who has studied psychology, it is a worrying development. Most people has some type of addiction, mine is nicotine. I gave the cigs the elbow, and am very happy with my vaporizer. Some get addicted to alcohol, some to open, some to training and some to video gaming. Why the analogy? Well, if you are the type of person who has an addictive personality, you stand a good chance of being in over your head before you know it. I've seen it personally. My Uncle lost his House, car, motorcycles and even more disturbing, his wife and three children who cut all ties until I got married and insisted my dad and his brother have a go a repairing their relationship.

If the Govt can restrict alcohol ads, and completely banned tobacco ( two of the most addictive drugs, and they are legal - nice job lobbyists ), there ought to be some kind of watershed for these ads. A lot of premier league football clubs are sponsored by casino or betting companies, including my beloved Crystal Palace. The company that sponsors them also sponsors AFC Bournemouth. EPL clubs are even selling naming rights for their stadiums.

Surely this is going to desensitise, or normalise this pastime for the younger fans who go with their parents, and then think it is the norm? Even Bingo companies are visible all through the day, offering incentives to get you into their clubs and play online etc, this time targeting the stay at home mums. I've been house ***** for nearly a year through illness and the plethora of ads has become ridiculous. Great for TV companies, and you can't blame them, but jeez, I can't wait to get back to work full time!!

The ironic thing is, the ads have to carry a gamble aware warning. It isn't hard hitting, it's not exactly a stand out graphic either. The tag line is, if the fun stops, stop.

Sorry about the rant, but there has got to be a large black hole around the corner, and those who have a tenancy to become addicted, will end up going to he'll in a handcart!

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