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Shaoor Munir

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Mar 26, 2013
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So it has been about half a month since I bought a Lumia 720. My thoughts about Lumia 720 for potential buyers are as follows:

1- The design and build quality is really good. Way above what normal mid-range phones have to offer. The glossy white version which I bought does not catches fingerprints or dirt easily. The front screen is more prone to fingerprints but it's nothing too extreme.

2- Screen quality is another plus point for the 720. Despite being a 480p screen, the overall experience is quite good. The colors are vibrant and brightness level is excellent. I keep the brightness at low level and still am able to see what's on the screen in daylight (that of course with sunlight readability turned on).

3- Camera quality is absolutely brilliant in adequate lightning conditions. The pictures it produces are vibrant in colors and contain more than enough details. But despite the f/1.9 aperture, low light camera performance was not what I expected it to be. The pics were more grainy than expected and the lacked in details. Pics came out to be fine under artificial light. Still it is the best camera I have seen in any mid-range device and many higher end devices too.

4- The software performance was as expected. Windows Phone 8 runs without any problems. Yet there is a delay in opening some apps. Resuming screen is shown for a longer time. The performance of windows phone on 720 was a little shaky as compared to that on 620. There is a skipping of frames while opening certain tiles like messaging and music etc. I expect it to be a firmware related problem or maybe it's my device. I'm still waiting for amber update to see if it gets fixed. This doesn't ruin the user experience at all. Pretty much everything runs very smoothly. I have tried games like asphalt 7, six guns, Halo Spartan assault and temple run. They all run without any hiccups.

5- Now towards the real function of a phone, call quality. The earpiece was loud and clear. Microphone was quite capable to transmit good quality sound in noisy environments. Overall an excellent experience. The only main drawback on sound department is the position of speakers. The audio output from headphones is top notch.

6- The battery life is the real star. No matter what I do on the phone, it always gets through a whole day.

Overall considering the price point and features of 720, I can easily recommend it to anyone as it provides best value for the money. Really happy with my 720..

Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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Hi and welcome to WPCentral. I'm glad you are liking your 720.

That is a really nice review. I always like to see reviews by actual users, not just professional bloggers.

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