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Traded my 900 for a galaxy s ii skyrocket


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Jul 19, 2011
Let me start this thread out by saying I don't hate WP, nor have I abandoned it. Two days before getting my galaxy I talked my mother in law out of a galaxy s iiI and into a 900.

I like to explore all phone os's. That is why I had an iPhone between my hd7 and my lumia. I haven't used an Android device since Android 2.3, and let me tell you, 4.0 is a huge improvement. It is much faster and smoother, and so far much more stable and reliable. On my last Android phone (which was a high end device), I had my first crash the day I got it, I'm 3 days in and crash free so far. I love the app selection. Being able to back up app data for changing phones or hard resets is quite nice (I'm rooted but running stock ROM and kernel). Notifications are probably the single greatest OS feature Android has over windows phone 7.

I miss elements of metro, especially live tiles and the simplicity of the start screen. I also miss skydrive and office integration.

There are two main reasons I made the switch. The first is my already mentioned desire to have knowledge and experience with all the major operating systems available. The second is that it will be easier to trade a mid-high end Android for a windows phone 8 device should I decide I want one than it would have been to trade my lumia for one.

So, will I come back for windows phone 8? Well given my desire to try operating systems, chances are I will have one at some point in the future. Now, there are a few things that could speed my return.

First would be a central notification center. Android has an excellent one, ios has a serviceable one, windows phone 7 has an abysmal notification system.

Second would be developer support. When you see ads on TV and they have the little app store and google play badges at the end, I want to see the marketplace bag emblem right there along side them more often than not. I'm talking more mid size developers. I find these are the apps I'm liking the most. The ones big enough to get noticed in the big stores of google and apple, but not big enough to support the smaller platforms.

Third, and finally, an amazing, no compromises device. The iPhone 4 and 4s are amazing pieces of hardware, whether or not you like their style or software. Amazing camera, gorgeous screen, great feel, and just overall top quality components. They are not missing a single hardware feature other than lte that I consider a must have in a phone. And with the next iPhone that will likely be addressed. The galaxy s III (and to a less degree the HTC one x) offers the same quantity, no compromise hardware for Android users. On windows phone there has never been that device. The focus came close, but suffered from being related to the first galaxy s, which felt like a toy. The titan ii has a great camera, but eh screen, design and build. The lumia has a good (though low resolution) screen, great design and build, but a camera that is mediocre at times and bad at others. That has always been the case with windows phone and is something I'd like to see addressed. A Nokia phone with a truly first class camera and design or a galaxy s iii adaptation would likely be just the devices windows phone 8 needs.
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