treasure tag WS-2, battery problem


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May 22, 2014
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First of I'm not sure if this is the right place, but if it's not could someone please point me to the right place so I could ask there and hopefully get helped.

But since before the denim update became available for the icon, I have been waiting so that I could use the treasure tag. I have a habit of losing my keys a lot, and was hoping that this would help. Well the other day I picked up a treasure tag, and everything went smoothly and no problems pairing to my phone. The problem I'm having is the batteries in the tag keep dying very quickly. The first day it was paired and about 4 hours later the tag started beeping for no reason and after looking I noticed that the battery was going dead and it was giving a warning. This I didn't worry much about because I thought that maybe it just was a bad battery from the start. So I picked up a 4 pack of band new batteries and after about 6 hours of inserting a new one that too was dead. Next battery again about 6 hours and dead again. Any ideas? The paperwork says that the batteries should last about 6 months, but this is odd. Is this normal, has anyone else had battery problems like this?

Thanks in advance;

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