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Trouble sending a simple text


New member
Jul 10, 2013
Since upgrading to Win10M on my 735 with Verizon, I am having random issues with text messages. I am trying to reply to a text and when I click send, it just sits there and almost freezes the phone. If I keep pounding on the Home button, it will eventually go to my start screen. When I go back into the text I was trying to reply to, my typed text is gone and usually shows that I have a new text (the one I was trying to reply to). If I try to do it again, same thing. Only thing is to reboot, then it will usually work, but may, or may not freeze again on additional responses.

Oh, and when I try to power off, that also hangs and freezes the screen until I hold the power button down until it reboots, then getting the "SD card has errors, do you want to scan and fix it" issue that has plagued me since purchasing the 735. I'm on my 3rd SD card... WTF?

Anyone else? Anyone know of an actual fix (not a try this, this, and this...)?
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Maurizio Troso

New member
Aug 22, 2014
You definitively needs an hard reset, since seems you never do it after upgrading from 8.1 .
It'like a win10 + core apps fresh reinstall, same as desktops

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