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Ubisoft and AC4: Freedom Cry


New member
Oct 16, 2013
I've been having problems with AC4: Freedom Cry.

When I try to launch the DLC, the game often freezes and I have to go back to Xbox Home and kill the game using the menu button. If I resume the game with the DLC running, the same thing happens if I try to view the map.

I had a quick search and founds lots of similar posts on Ubisoft's forums with a Ubisoft representative repetitively telling people to raise a support ticket rather than just asking for help on the forums, so I did just that.

After a day or so, I got a reply asking me to uninstall and reinstall the DLC... which had no effect. I then got a reply asking me to prove that I had bought the DLC by providing:
"1) Game manual with the installation code visible. 2) Proof of purchase. 3) Barcode from the game?s box If you have digital copy: 1) Activation key 2) Proof of purchase (confirmation email)".

I have the e-mail from Microsoft from where I purchased the season pass, and so I've attached this to the support case, but seriously... on a new console that at the moment (as far as I'm aware!) has no reported problems of piracy, Ubisoft are asking people to prove that they bought some DLC before they'll look into widely reported problems??

This really really annoyed me given that the DLC which I paid for as part of the season pass is so far a complete POS!


New member
Sep 30, 2012
I can understand why there asking to cut out complaints from those that havent paid for the game however I think it stupid to ask for this since it would be people like yourself who pay for the DLC that will complain.

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