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Unable to read some SMS messages


New member
May 31, 2017
Recently I have started receiving SMS messages from existing contacts that I am unable to open and read (I used to be able to read them). I get the notification, I see the alert, I go to the message list and it's there at the top, displayed in blue as I haven't read it yet, and when I try to read it, the Messaging app (apparently) crashes and I get the Home screen - over and over again. It only seems to affect some of my contacts - SMS's from others are readable. My wife has a Lumia 635 and I cannot read her messages.

Lumia 640 Windows 10 Mobile version 1703, Build 10.0.15063.297

I have tried battery-out resets without success. Any ideas? My gut tells me it may be a bug in the latest Messages app release, but who knows?