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Updates from those of you who've had the phone for a while


New member
Oct 28, 2014
Thinking about picking up the 650 with MS' upcoming sale.

However, I have a 640 and know that the 650 isn't necessarily an upgrade but I do like the aesthetics much more, so for $100 it would be worth it for me.

Have the recent OS updates fixed issues with live tiles and battery life? How has your overall experience been since you've bought the phone - has it got better, stayed the same, or got worse?


New member
Nov 13, 2014
I love mine now !
it definitely has improved with each upgrade of win10 ! it loos and feels fantastic, some people want more speed and power , I say buy a 950xl then for 3 times the price of this, I play candy crush , it is slow loading but plays fine when loaded, I email , fine syncs ok to my laptop, I play music via headset and Bluetooth to my car, it takes good quality photos, yes I had issues and very nearly bought an iPhone ! in my frustration, however the recent upgrades from MS have worked to improve this phone, its ready now to be used in everyday life, just don't expect it to win the 100m dash.
it looks fantastic and you can even make phone calls with it,
go for it


New member
Oct 16, 2015
I use my 650 as a spare now. Agree with atomicadam13. It's not a 950/XL, but it holds it's own quite well.

Got mine around last April and was using it as my daily driver for months. It is an excellent budget phone that gets the job done.


New member
Oct 29, 2014
Yes the updates have smoothed out issues with live tiles and this is now a very nice handset to use. Battery life is not as good as the 640 but still adequate in my opinion. All but a heavy user should get over a day out of it. In virtually every way that matters it IS an upgrade over the 640. Performance is similar but the oled screen is much much better, there's more onboard storage and aesthetically its in a different league. The 640 feels like a toy, this feels like a tool. Slim and light, its a joy to use. Get one. It's great value now.

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