Anyone use the 1520 as a viewer for an outdoor security camera ?


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Nov 16, 2016
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What outdoor security cameras are compatible with using Windows Lumia 1520 as a viewer ?

Elsewhere I heard that Hikvision cameras work with windows phones, but I wanted to make sure they would work specifically with a Lumia 1520.

A windows store app called "IP CENTCOM" says cameras that use ONVIF should be compatible but when I search online for ONVIF based cameras (like on Amazon) the description will only mention being android and IOS compatible - does that mean there might be SOME cameras that use ONVIF that won't be compatible with a Windows phone ?

I have tried researching this, and it can be confusing trying to be sure which outdoor security cameras are truly compatible with using a Windows phone as a viewer. (We have home WIFI which our phones connect to also, as well as a data plan for when away from home)

My Windows phone is a Nokia Lumia 1520 running Windows phone 8.1 update
My wife's Windows phone is a Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE running Windows phone 8.1 update 2

I'd like to find an outdoor security camera that:

Is compatible with using our Windows phones as a viewer
Is priced under $100
Has night vision preferably to at least 50 feet
Has decent reviews so I can feel it will be worth getting

An added bonus would be if it also could be accessed thru a Roku too !

Any suggestions on any such cameras is appreciated !


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