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Upgrade to Windows 10 RTM

Andrew Gordon

New member
Oct 13, 2013
I've installed Windows 10 on a PC that previously had Windows 7 on but it was a 32 bit version and because I wanted a 64 bit OS I did a clean, boot from disc install.
I have an activation key for 32 bit Win 7 but I'm not sure whether this will allow me to activate Win 10 64 bit when it goes RTM even if I reinstall Win 7 and upgrade from there.
Will I need to buy a new activation code when Win 10 goes public?

Don Geronimo

New member
Aug 22, 2014
[strike]Insiders will get W10 RTM for free, if I recall correctly, in an announcement a few days ago.[/strike]

Edit: Looks like I'm confusing my sources. After checking news, it sounds like Insiders will still get the upgrade for free, but they'll need a valid 7, 8, or 8.1 License for it to be genuine.
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