Upgrading One M8 for Windows from 8.1 Update 2 to W10M Insider Preview?

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Hello, I've been trying for hours to get my HTC One M8 to run the Windows 10 preview, but I'm having some issues.
- As most people have suggested, I've hard reset my phone, not used a backup, then installed the insider preview and signed up for fast ring (I hear the newest build is great).
- Once I've done this and the phone has restarted and everything, I go to check for updates and.... nothing. Says my device is up to date.
- Tried resetting (twice), using the WP recovery tool, and still no updates come around.

Any suggestions? Could this have anything to do with my carrier (Verizon)? Am I out of luck? Thanks in advance.

Mark F24

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Oct 12, 2014
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I have an HTC One M8 running 10586.218 that my son is using (left IOS and likes W10M) and it runs very good on that phone.

You will not get an upgrade using the fast ring on the HTC, that is just for "supported" devices. You can get the very good 10586.218 release using "Insider Release" not "slow" or "fast" though. Not sure if "production" ring will get you anything either.

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