Using the Surface Book 3 in 2023 makes me wish that Microsoft would announce the Surface Book 4


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Oct 23, 2023
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As someone who just recently replaced my Surface Book 2, I know exactly what you are talking about. I wonder if a 2 SKU approach might not be best. A Surface Laptop Studio 3 that has one model that can detach and one that cannot. Either that or make the whole thing lighter. Problem is you can't have as much inside. Trade offs.


Nov 15, 2017
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Good read, Surface Book has an awesome form factor. The only elephant in the room is that you pay a premium for a device that is relatively unstable (although the SB3 is probably the most stable of the 3 iterations). The SLS seems to be more reliable because of its less exotic form factor while packing better specs.
And MS / shops do not sell the tablet or keyboard parts separate (eg would have been nice to be able to swap a part when its battery is bloated).

While a Surface Book 4 would be nice, I would prefer to see an option for a larger Surface Pro (eg 14" or 15", I mean if Apple and Samsung can do it why can MS not do it? Not even mentioning new 15-16" Chinese Windows tablets). And an option for a keyboard dock with extra battery and/or dgpu.


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Dec 13, 2023
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Microsoft’s discontinued Surface Book still offers a unique experience that its successor just can’t match, and Microsoft should look to bring back the Surface Book line or integrate these features into the Studio 3.

Using the Surface Book 3 in 2023 makes me wish that Microsoft would announce the Surface Book 4 : Read more
I am still using my MS Surface Book 2, which was a Christmas Present waaaaaay back in 2018 and it still handles all of my computing needs like the champion prize fighter it is. Gaming is smooth and responsive, photo and image editing is flawless, video editing is a snap, and of course online content consumtion is supremey satisfying. Even though it is not technically supported, the windows insider program allowed me to update to Win11 and it runs without a hitch. I am saddened by what I consider the "mac-izing" of the surface line (adding an odball feature like the multi-position screen on the Surface Laptop Studio as a justification to charge a premium price). In my honest opinion the screen on the SLS is a solution for a problem nobody was having. As someone who travels and moves his device around a lot, I worry that the screen assembly will not stand up to the kind of use I put my SB2 through. The hinge on the SB line is genius as is the seocnd battery in the base. The ability to go into "clipboard mode" by detatching the screen is the pinnacle of development in my humble opinion.

Should there be a SB4? Absolutely! What does it need (besides current specs)? Nothing! What are the nice-to-haves? A fingerprint reader, USB-C charging when detached and a commnitment to the most innovative member of the Surface family. If they are willing to do that, they can have my money. Otherwise, my wife have a Samsung Galaxybook Pro 360 that would make a nice replacement when my SB2 finally goes face-down.

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