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Verizon LG Lancet or Lumia 735?


WPCentral Question

Was going to switch from my old iPhone 4S to Windows phone and was all set to try the LG Lancet, but now see the Lumia 735 is due to come out on 6/18/15 (supposedly). Think worth waiting for?

Mostly need phone for talking, text, email and occasional web surfing. Not worried about lack of "Apps".

Wondering which has the best "phone"? Specs say LG has HD voice???..does the 735 have it? Also, sounds like LG hasn't produced a Windows phone for a while so does Nokia (Lumia) have the leg up on Windows Phones?

Thanks, Dave


New member
Nov 10, 2013
Lumia 735 is better and the camera will be definitely superior to the LG offering.
Also Lumia 735 will be supported better for updates, although with VZW it is anyone's guess.
Good luck.


New member
Jun 17, 2015
Thanks for reply. Regarding the HD Voice...... was looking at specs on the Lancet in PC Mag's website and they said "Available online now from Verizon, the LG Lancet launches in stores on May 21 with Advanced Calling 1.0, making it the first Windows smartphone with HD voice calling on the carrier's network."

Not too up on this stuff........ is Advanced Calling 1.0, something that iPhone, Android already have and new to WP? And if so does the Lancet have it and the Lumia 735 not?



New member
Mar 4, 2014
Well, it's new to VZW as of last year, but yes, the LG Lancet is the first WP to support it. I don't think there has been another new WP since the feature came out.