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Oct 6, 2011
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I just don't get it at this point. Why is Microsoft not doing more to really get all the carriers on board. One phone on Verizon since win7 was release? This is pathetic, I was a palm guy before and this is the simple reason they failed, too few phone on too few networks. I want to buy a win7.5 on VZW but there seems to be absolutely nothing in the pipelines.

More Rant Time:
Has Microsoft been sitting on there hands since Win7 has been released with manufactures, worse case scenario offer incentives to the manufacturers. They wonder why they are losing more market share every day, due to the lack of any good appealing phone on almost every network. My contract has been up for a month now in hopes that something would be announced or something out by now.

Lets face android is garbage, iphone is alright, but looks like I'm probably getting the new iPhone4S, its sad to see another great operating system failing due to stupid management.


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Nov 14, 2008
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Microsoft has no control over what carriers carry, VZW has chosen to carry 1 phone, not a lot MS can do about that. OEM's, well MS again has no sway in the end, HTC have just produce a Titan with android, again nothing MS can do. The only place they may have more control is with their partnership with Nokia. We will definitely see more hardware innovation and diversity but carriers still have to decide to carry the phones.

In the US it seems only at&t in really behind WP7, every other carrier is fully committed to android and/or the iphone.


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Aug 17, 2011
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I would wait. I am lol. ICS and Google Nexus gets released next week. It might be very cool. Nokia World is at the end of the month and a new LG phone is either verizon or sprint (see homepage). You know the iPhone is out there so why rush? So many options will be popping up within the next few weeks.

I am debating between Google Nexus and WP. I am with vzw. I use a lot of google products, but I have a xbox so I havnt decided which way I will go. If nothing is announced by Nokia World, Google it is.

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