Vertical screen-tearing in context menu's

Mar 22, 2016
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Hi all,

I have been having this strange problem..

To describe the tearing: when hovering the mouse-pointer over a menu, the area behind the text changes color/highlight.
On my system, this background color tears vertically. This occurs in context menus, bookmarks menus, discussion boards on Steam, etc.
Also when resizing windows there is a noticeable lag.

I have upgraded my pc and OS, with new hardware parts and the problem is still there, part's i upgraded are CPU + Motherboard + memory.
Remaining (old) parts are the monitor + cable, power supply and 250gb Samsung 840 evo ssd!

So it could still be one of the remaining hardware parts. But i have found a couple more people online that suffer from the same problem with different versions of windows and hardware. (will post a couple links where i and other posted over the last year)

Strange vertical tearing in context menu's while using Aero theme. - Windows 7 Help Forums

Vertical screen tearing in context menu's - Microsoft Community

And this is a screenshot of what it looks like..

vertical tearingjpg.jpg

After a long periode of testing and replacing hardware this problem is still present. I will be replacing the PSU + SSD next month. (fingers crossed)
I post this here, hoping someone else has had and fixed this problem or can hint to what this could be.

Thanks for reading this, any help would be greatly appreciated! :winktongue:
Have a nice day..


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Dec 31, 2012
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A PSU and HDD will not cause this. It would only be graphics or software. I think you've replaced the graphics card, so have you reinstalled Windows? I would back up your data and use the 'Reset' function in Windows to see if you can fix it that way.
Mar 22, 2016
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Thx 4 the reply!

Yes i reinstalled both windows 7 & 10 just to be sure. Problem present on both.
I replaced my GTX 770 with a GTX 970 couple months ago. Didn't fix it.
Also bought a new mouse -> Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.
If this is software, i would like to know what, because even without drivers, or any software it's there..
This is the only pc-problem i ever had i could not diagnose/fix.

I'm replacing my hardware anyway. SO even if the SSD or PSU doesn't fix it. I need (want) it anyway :smile:
I've had tearing before, in games and such, but never in Windows UI and every app i use. Like Steam, Skype, Gimp/photoshop, in taskmanager, in the right click menu's of EVERYTHING. It get's worse when a video is playing, like YouTube, i noticed this problem first in Google Chrome. But i tried the other browsers it's been driving me nutz for quite a while now lol

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