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Very poor low light video recording persists with Cyan


New member
Jun 26, 2014
Hi everyone,

My 1520 has received the official Cyan update, but one thing I have unmistakably noticed was the poor video quality in low light conditions, which was apparently supposed to be fixed/improved with Cyan.

I was at "The Bean" monument in Chicago and I was taking a video at night time. I noticed that the video was very dark and did not capture the scene even close to what it looked like in real life. My friend filmed at the exact same time with his lumia 920 (running on Lumia Black), and his video turned out far better in that it was not overly dark. I don't expect the video to be perfect and grain free, but if the video records way too dark, it makes recording in low light situations almost useless. I noticed however that still photos at night, or filming video during day time turned out perfectly fine.

Any solutions?


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