Wanted to share a quick solution to avoid Resuming screens and most importantly App Tombstoning

Nakul Manocha

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Jan 1, 2014
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I found a solution for 8.1 with little bit of compromise. I know this solution is not for everybody but a very effective solution

Solution:- In the battery saver settings use "Always limit functionality". Now go under battery saver Usage set the individual apps (the one you are really interested) to always work in background even when battery saver mode is on.

Now open multiple apps and you should be able to switch between apps without any resuming screen. The biggest advantage is that apps keep their state and hence don't go in tombstate mode. For eg. I have a candy crush game running and I am half way through my level. Now even if I came back 12 hours later (making that app active or by restarting the game) I can still continue where I left.

If I don't use the battery saver mode then my candy crush doesn't last for more than half an hours before restarting when made active again. So that lock screen resuming and app restarting won't happen with this setting (at least I think). I still need more testing.But my initial results have been fantastic. I would encourage you guys here to please try for atleast 2 days and share your thoughts.

Compromise so far:- This way I can get the push notifications to work (like skype, whatsapp will deliver messgaes as long as you have enabled the app to run in background when in battery saver mode ) just like it does normally but the tile updates are not happening. Also I am not sure about the email accounts as there is no option to enable the battery saver mode for the emails.

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