We need game bundles on Windows! Your opinion?

Usama Jawad96

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Jan 9, 2014
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Hi guys,I just recently started gaming on steam again and I noticed quite a positive thing which isn't available in Windows Phone.

Game Bundles.

So, for people who don't know what game bundles are, here's a short intro. To promote their game, developers sometimes announce a "game bundle" or a collection of their own games which they give combined at a discounted price.For example, if Artifex Mundi have many games in the WP store each worth $3,they could make a game bundle for a limited time of 4 games(total of $12) and then give at a discounted price of $7 or something.
So what's the use to consumers?
Well, people who download these bundled games obviously get more games at a lesser price,they give positive ratings in the store and then are tempted to buy more games from the devs if the games please them.

What's the use of this to developers?
For one,developers make a considerable amount of money all at once which they might not have been able to do otherwise.
Secondly, they get more downloads because the bundle becomes featured on the store,indie devs have a chance to reach a larger audience
Thirdly,when lots of people rate them positively,even after the bundle ends,people who couldn't take advantage during the bundle's time period will be tempted to buy the game at its original price after reading the reviews.

So,after gaming on steam this past week, I've really felt that we need a similar thing on Windows.Trust me,people seriously LOVE the bundles popular websites give for steam.these websites include Joystiq,Bundle Stars,Indie Gala,vg247,Greenman Gamer etc

People buy these bundles like nuts, at least the ones which give away steam keys and after judging their reaction and the profit earned by developers,I think this is a must have if developers want to make more money.

Delight Games LLC took this initiative quite early,they have almost 15+ story games worth around $15, but even then they have kept a $5 version in the store with all the games in it with free updates and early access games here which have already made it quite popular.In the US store,I think the Delight Games premium collection has 500+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars so do check it out in the store to see what I mean by a game bundle :)

And after you get an idea of it,please do tell me,do you think we need it on Windows?Because I strongly believe so. :)

Thanks! :D


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Jun 17, 2013
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First of all Steam has sales on games all the time. You can get a 1 year old Triple A title for like $5 at times. This is a better deal than you'll ever see on any other platform.
Second of all PC gaming is expensive for a reason. We are the gaming master race and we constantly prove we are willing to pay for a $2000 machine to provide a superior experience to an outdated $500 console. Yes the XBone and the PS4 are already outdated as my 2011 computer has more power than the PS4 which is more powerful than the XBone.

So no we don't need gaming bundles for desktop windows since in a way we already get them in steam sales. Not to mention a game being included in a $500 console is more likely to make a sale that on a $2000 gaming PC. Lets say the game is worth $50. That means that the console is now $450 and the PC is now $1950. That is 90% and ~98% of the original costs respectively.

As far as phones are concerned, to me there is no such thing as a video game on a phone. I've tried FPS on iphone and WP and in all cases its a horrible experience. It looks worse than the console version. The controls are crap. The experience is watered down to help the fact that the controls are crap. Sorry I just can do that. As for candy crush, that's a time waster not a video game. The only mobile experience that doesn't completely suck are those with dedicated controls like the 3ds. TBH I would rather play on a big screen that that little tiny experience (I have a 3ds XL and its still just too small).


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Nov 6, 2014
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Bundles or collections will be a great idea. I think Apple implement it very well and I hope MS will do something similar or better for both WP and Windows. As I consumer I could get a group of apps at a discount rate and as a developer I would love the opportunity to have more sale options for customers that could increase my revenue.

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