We should all let Microsoft know how we feel about the update process...


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Dec 16, 2010
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AT&T has 3 Apple phones, so you're wrong.

3GS, 4, 4S.

All of them have different iOS builds and different hardware in them.

They also have 3G iPad and iPad 2s.

So that's 5 Apple iOS devices AT&T carriest.

iOS updates come straight from Apple. The carrier does do testing but they do not do the type of backburnering that they do with other platforms (Symbian, WinMo, WP7, Android, even WebOS and BB) with Apple devices.

When the Apple update comes out for the iPhone on AT&T it's there for Verizon and Sprint as well as there for all other models the iOS update supports.

We seen this with iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 and I guarantee you we will see it again with iOS 5.1.

Issues with iOS devices updating had a lot to do with the strain on Apple's servers. In addition to AT&T i3GS and 4, they also had the Verizon iPhone 4, all iPads, and 4th Generation iPod Touches getting iOS 5 updates from them. That's par from the course when you have SO MANY devices pulling data from your servers.

The fact that they were able to get through it at all is impressive, IMO.

In any case, the model argument is mute and has been since Apple started keeping the other model on the market as a mid-range offering, and especially since they started putting out CDMA devices with major internal differences from the GSM version.

Also, Android updates for Nexus devices are typically fast, especially bug fix and security updates, and Android OEMs have generally outperformed WP7 OEMs as far as getting updates out even on the same carriers.

ok, now that you got that off your chest in a unrelated forum , you can try posting it on a useful place like the at&T forum :)

AT&T Wireless Community - AT&T Community Support your Complaints will go much farther if you actually post them in a places that matters! like the Company responsible(at&t)!!! hope this helps.

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Dec 15, 2007
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My thoughts exactly (although I'm on Tmobile). The issue is that carriers know that most people don't know what an update is, so they don't "waste time" updating and sit on their butts and push iPhone and Android....

The only reason I'm putting up with it right now is that Windows Phone is the best option for me right now while not being committed to a contract with my Lumia 710 and the bugs aren't as bad as they were on Android, and the this is the best OS by far as far as looks and natural use. However, I'm not one to settle, and when an OS has a flaw I call it out....

If you are displeased with the way MS updates let them know by all means. From the comments in te rest pof this thread not everyone feels the way that you and several others do. Theres also the suggestion app to voice you desire for changes I hope you have been using that as well. It seems to me at least that MS has been listening to the suggestions in making the changes in the update itself. When Tango comes its coming to all devices and it should be a cumulative update meaning the 7740 and 8107 will be forthcoming as well. I dont have either one of those butits been no big deal my keyboard hasnt been disappearing (i dont have but a couple of background agents on (i'll knock on some wood to keep it away now!)

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